Maybe the most beautiful way to primp your neck. Manufactured from precious metal or than fashion jewelry. Necklaces were a symbol in the past and they still are. A welcome present in caribic countries or a amulet for protection. Necklaces have a long tradition. Today they are usually just an ornament. There are no limits set for your fantasy. Big pendants or decent pearl necklaces. Everything is possible.

The beginnig of the rings were the signed rings in the antiquity. They were a symbol for class and grade. Almost Kings made use of that. They were made from bones, stone or metal and beaded with gemstones in every kind and form.
Till now the ring is a symbol for a bond like engagement and marriage. Now it´s not more just symbol but a great accessoire. Nearly every woman has a couple of rings at home. The ring was the origin of the todays jewelry. Earrings and necklaces has their origin in the first ring.


At the origin of the jewerly evolution there was the ring. There are earrings in every colour, form, length, size and from very different materials. It doesn´t matter is small and petit oder opulent in neon colours, every woman loves earrings. Most of them can´t imagine a world without them.

Because jewelry is mostly worn by women, we advise you make presents to the women you love, like the motto “diamonds are a girls best friend”.




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