For centuries the pearl for its changeable beauty and inner glow has been one of the most desired and assayed after gems for the jewelry lover. Dating back in the ancient time, pearl has been thought to have possessed some magical power, symbol of wealth and also marked the social standard. Until the 1900s natural pearls were only accessible to the rich and famous but with the advent of cultured pearls that shares the same characteristics as natural pearls and are grown by oysters, pearls became available to all within an affordable price. The value of pearls are classified by origin and then graded by size, shape, thickness, color, luster, clarity and matching. Pearls are expensive when the pearl possess its natural glow and radiance, free from any physical blemishes or flaws, larger in size and the shape must be symmetrical.

Luster is the glow of the pearl and its radiance as perceived by the human eye it is remains an important indicator in evaluating cultured pearl quality, separating the inferior pearl from the superior and the ordinary from the extraordinary. Surface quality signifies the presence or absence of physical blemishes or flaws. The cost of the pearl will depend on the surface quality, the fewer the blemishes, the more expensive the pearl the more rounder and symmetrical the pearl, the more valuable it will be. The larger the pearl, the more valuable it will be. Therefore buying pearls is like an important investment because pearl lovers make no compromise with the quality of pearls. Therefore it is important to take proper care to protect the luster and beauty of your pearls, while providing many years of enjoyment.

Always remember to store pearls separately in a soft cloth pouch, linen cloth, or soft lined jewelry box from the other jewelries to prevent it from being easily scratched or damaged. Chemicals present in the personal care products, such as hairspray, makeup, and perfume, can harm the pearl's surface and reduce its luster. Therefore it is advisable to apply personal care products first before putting on pearls to keep its luster for long time. Always remember to remove pearls before exercising or doing strenuous activity because sweat contains natural acids that can harm the pearl's surface and dull the pearl's luster. Take care to wipe your pearls gently with a soft damp cloth after wear, which will help you keep the luster intact for long time. You can also wash your pearls using a mild liquid soap to help remove harmful build-ups.

Do not hang pearls to dry as this may stretch the silk thread and to prevent breakage you should have your pearls restrung periodically with silk thread and knotted between each pearl.




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